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Thanks to a significant partnership with Pro Nautik, a major Swiss dealer based in Romanshorn, the new NY24 Deluxe will be available for three weeks of in-water trials in Switzerland in October.

After the great success of its first appearance at the 58th Interboot 2019, which recently concluded in Friedricshafen, the new NY24 will be available for water trials in Romanshorn, on the Swiss shore of Lake Constance, home of the prestigious importer Pro Nautik, which has decided to organize, for its clientele and in particular for those who have shown interest in the new Nerea model, water trial sessions in October.

From Oct. 7 to 11, followed by Oct. 14 to 18 and Oct. 21 to 25, potential customers and journalists will have the pleasure of experiencing the remarkable marine qualities of NY24's "special V " hull, which offers smooth passage over the wave and a safe ride even in rough water.

NY24's small size-7.35 meters long by 2.50 meters wide-makes the boat trailerable, making it perfect for conveniently towing to the lake without the need for special permits.

NY24 is also ecofriendly, thanks to the feasibility of installing an electric auxiliary waterjet propulsion system-another solution that makes the boat ideal for boating on the lake.

Nerea Yacht is proud of the nascent collaboration with Pro Nautik, which strongly desired the presence of the Italian model in Switzerland to introduce the product to its target market.

Signed by Ligurian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of the studio ideaeITALIA and made in Fano with the collaboration of an extraordinary technical staff, NY24 is a modern and highly customized day cruiser, made precisely with the care, stylistic research and production characteristics of a sartorial garment, of a unique piece made "to measure."

When: Oct. 7-11; Oct. 14-18; Oct. 21-25, 2019
Romanshorn, Switzerland

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