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Elegant and compact, with streamlined and essential lines, highly customizable:
the new all-Italian day cruiser is also perfect as a superyacht tender.
NY24 makes its world premiere at Boot 2019, Dusseldorf, Germany,
January 19-27, 2019.

NY24 is the first boat produced by Nerea Yacht, a recently established Italian business founded on the consolidated experience and skill of Dario Messina, who has already been operating in the shipbuilding industry for about two decades.

NY24 constitutes the point of arrival, the first landing place of an exciting quest at the center of which is a love for the sea, an immense passion for Italian style, and the desire to produce a boat as if it were a work of art.
This small motor boat, born from an ingenious intuition, signed by Ligurian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of the design studio ideaeITALIA and realized with the collaboration of an extraordinary technical staff, is a highly personalized product, made precisely with the care, stylistic research and production characteristics of a sartorial garment, of a unique piece made "to measure."

NY24 was shaped and finalized in the Nerea Yacht shipyards near Fano.
A territory, the Marches, which boasts one of the most highly rated nautical supply chains in the world with highly specialized workers, a fertile place then for those who, like Messina, have clear ideas and decide to devote themselves to the realization of their dream: to give life to a "boat boutique," a true workshop of the sea where each new boat becomes a unique piece.

The small 7.35-meter-long day cruiser is a concentrate of modern design, great liveability of spaces and remarkable marine qualities capable of satisfying the most sophisticated owner looking for a boat that is small in size but that, not for this reason, can go unnoticed.
NY24 has a sporty and multifaceted soul, for great versatility of use: she is a day cruiser suitable for sunbathing and daily outings, she adapts well to the role of weekender to spend a weekend on board, she represents the typical boat to moor in front of one's villa on the shore of a lake or on a marine coast, but she can also be a tender for superyachts thanks to her construction height, kept deliberately low, for an easy entry into the garage of a large motoryacht.
Nerea Yacht fully enters the luxury yachting scene, helping to nurture and export Italian creativity and ingenuity around the world.