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The latest boats presented by Nerea Yacht feature an important novelty: the new totally custom pilot chair.

The well-established collaboration between the founder of NEREA YACHT, Dario Messina, and designers Davide Bernardini and Alessio Battistini of IdeaeITALIA, has resulted in a new totally custom pilot chair with a unique and unmistakable design, which incorporates in its lines the stylistic A of the company logo, which is not simply embroidered or printed on the backrest, but itself becomes the supporting structure of the seat and a highly characterizing element. Designed first and foremost to ensure ergonomic and efficient guidance in favor of correct posture, the new chair also represents an aesthetic element of pure design.

In fact, after careful design of the shapes, a prototype was made and tested, carefully choosing the padding, the basic structure, the mechanisms for adjusting the position, and, of course, the external upholstery, offering the customization proper to a custom object, given by an infinite range of colors, fabrics and eco-leathers among the finest and at the same time suitable for the marine environment. Double stitching characterizes and embellishes the backrest, and the upward-folding front portion of the seat allows a comfortable ride even in an upright position, ensuring a solid and comfortable back rest. A retractable stainless steel footrest joins the ergonomics of the seat to please every driving posture requirement.

Despite such an anomalous and unpredictable year, Nerea Yacht has shown courage and determination, investing its resources both in real estate, to improve production capacity, and in research, design and development of new ideas that, in part, we can already see materialized in the two boats ready for delivery; other interesting novelties, involving the development of the range and the use of cutting-edge and eco-sustainable materials, will instead be unveiled soon, always with theaim of satisfying sea enthusiasts looking for unique and tailor-made creations.