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NY24, day cruiser with unmistakable design, synonymous with craftsmanship and
Made in Italy, convinces both the domestic and international markets

Nerea Yacht continues on its path of growth and announces the sale of two new NY24 Deluxe boats, built to perfection and always with the custom-built approach that is the hallmark of this young brand.

NY24 Bit of Blue, which has already been launched and tested in the Adriatic, is destined for an Italian shipowner and will therefore remain on home soil, while NY24 Sea Salt-both in Deluxe version-is going through the last phase of outfitting and will go on delivery next May, then reach Croatian shores.

The two sales constitute the achievement of another important milestone for Dario Messina's boutique shipyard, which has entered the market on tiptoe but with clear ideas, strong in its experience as a craftsman before being an entrepreneur, with a very specific goal: to offer the most attentive and demanding owners boats highly distinguishable for their clean and timeless design, with attention to the smallest details, thanks to a careful selection of materials, innovative solutions, a functionality that translates into ease of use and performance of all relief.

Despite such an anomalous and unpredictable year, Nerea Yacht has shown courage and determination, investing its resources both in real estate, to improve production capacity, and in research, design and development of new ideas that, in part, we can already see materialized in the two boats ready for delivery; other interesting novelties, involving the development of the range and the use of cutting-edge and eco-sustainable materials, will instead be unveiled soon, always with theaim of satisfying sea enthusiasts looking for unique and tailor-made creations.

NY24 Bit of Blue features a combination of warm and extremely elegant colors that perfectly match the natural tone of the teak that lines the decks: a highly sought-after shade of pearl blue envelops the lines of the hull and superstructure, while a particular Terra di Siena hue characterizes the exterior eco-leather cushions. The same eco-leather upholstery is also reproposed for some elements in the cabin, such as the sofa backrest and the central band of the ceiling, matching the light, silky fabric chosen for the seat cushions. As far as the interiors are concerned, the combination of textures is complemented by another fine and cutting-edge material, which perfectly matches the craftsmanship of the shipyard, chosen by Nerea Yacht for the finishes: Oltremateria, an eco-friendly oleomalta, the result of careful technological research, fireproof and breathable as well as recyclable and free of substances toxic to humans .

Technology, too, does not fail and must be within the reach of a Nerea owner; thus, on board the Bit of Blue unit, home automation has been integrated, which allows all control systems to be managed from the touch display on the bridge, with referral of the same commands to tablets or smartphones as well.....everything, in short, is just a click away.

NY24 Sea Salt, on the other hand, offers a simpler, sportier look in appearance, with a classic optical-white livery for the exterior surfaces that softly matches the warm tone of natural teak and two-tone off-white and sand faux leather upholstery. But the special feature of the deck steels, painted matte black, gives the day cruiser an eye-catching and very modern look. Completing the combination of finishes is thehighly versatile use of Oltremateria-branded oleomalta, which in this case also covers the cabin entrance drum casing, giving a truly harmonious look to the whole. For the interior finishes, the same materials used in the exterior were re-proposed with the addition of a soft, light fabric for the sofa to create a bright and very welcoming environment.

Nerea Yacht will be among the protagonists of the next edition of the Venice Boat Show to be held at the Arsenale from May 29 to June 6.