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Press release, May 25, 2021


NY24, the day cruiser with an unmistakable design, synonymous with craftsmanship and Made in Italy, will be on display at the second edition of the Venice Boat Show.

Fano (PU), May 25, 2021 - Nerea Yacht, the seafaring workshop located near Fano where a new story made of determination, expertise and creativity came to life about two years ago, is pleased to announce its presence at the next edition of the Venice Boat Show, where the new NY24 Deluxe "Bit of Blue" will be put on display on the pedestal, like a real work of art.

There could not have been a better occasion than the Venice Boat Show - a city that symbolizes the shipbuilding industry and passion for boating - to present at a public event the new NY24 Bit of Blue, a day cruiser conceived and built with a bespoke approach to offer discerning owners highly distinguishable boats with a clean and timeless design, refined and with attention to detail, thanks to a careful selection of materials, innovative solutions and a functionality that translates into ease of use.

NY24 Bit of Blue features a combination of warm and extremely elegant colors that perfectly match the natural tone of the teak that lines the decks: a highly sought-after shade of pearl blue envelops the lines of the hull and superstructure, while a particular Terra di Siena hue characterizes the exterior eco-leather cushions. The same eco-leather upholstery is also reproposed for some elements in the cabin, such as the sofa backrest and the central band of the ceiling, matching the light, silky fabric chosen for the seat cushions. As far as the interiors are concerned, the combination of textures is complemented by another fine and cutting-edge material, which perfectly matches the craftsmanship of the shipyard, chosen by Nerea Yacht for the finishes: Oltremateria, an eco-friendly oleomalta, the result of careful technological research, fireproof and breathable as well as recyclable and free of substances toxic to humans .

Technology, too, does not fail and must be within the reach of a Nerea owner; thus, on board the Bit of Blue unit, home automation has been integrated, which allows all control systems to be managed from the touch display on the bridge, with referral of the same commands to tablets or smartphones as well.....everything, in short, is just a click away.

Among the novelties proposed by Nerea Yacht and that you will be able to "touch with your hands" at the Venice Arsenal, we point out the new totally custom pilot chair: born from the consolidated collaboration between the founder of the shipyard, Dario Messina, and designers Davide Bernardini and Alessio Battistini of IdeaeITALIA, the seat with a unique and unmistakable design incorporates in its lines the stylistic A of the company logo, which is not simply embroidered or printed on the backrest, but becomes itself the supporting structure of the chair and a highly characterizing element. Designed first and foremost to ensure ergonomic and efficient guidance in favor of correct posture, the new seat also represents an aesthetic element of pure design.

In fact, after careful design of the shapes, a prototype was made and tested by carefully choosing the upholstery, the basic structure, the mechanisms for adjusting the position, and of course the outer coverings, offering the customization proper to a custom object, given by an infinite range of colors, fabrics and eco-leathers among the most valuable and at the same time suitable for the marine environment. Double stitching characterizes and embellishes the backrest, and the upward-folding front portion of the seat allows a comfortable ride even in an upright position, ensuring a solid and comfortable back rest. A retractable stainless steel footrest joins the ergonomics of the seat to please every driving posture requirement.

Further news in the commercial and production spheres, in continuity with the core values of Nerea Yacht, will be unveiled very soon.


Signed by Ligurian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of the studio ideaeITALIA, the NY24 range is a concentrate of modern design, elegant finishes and great liveability of spaces to satisfy the most sophisticated owner looking for a boat that is small in size but cannot go unnoticed.

The heart of the boat is the living area developed amidships, with a comfortable convertible dinette where the table, which can be folded down, allows the relaxation area to be enlarged by increasing the sunbathing area already available aft. The cockpit can be equipped with two drawer refrigerators, a pop-up sink and a cooktop to ensure total conviviality and relaxation moments.

A convenient swim platform and three-level transom design make getting in and out of the water very easy, and the electrically opening transom hatch makes it easy to inspect the engine in the engine room.

The entire deck, from the aft swim platform to the extreme bow, as well as the steps down to the cabin, are covered in teak, a high-quality raw material that contributes that classic contemporary touch to the boat's style.

There is no shortage of protection from the sun during the hottest hours, thanks to a retractable awning that spans the entire living area. When unused, it is stored in a special compartment while the carbon poles find space inside two pockets cut out in the deck, of convenient access from the cockpit.

Thanks to a careful study of proportions, the designers have managed to carve out, in almost 8 meters in length, comfortable and habitable interior spaces, when compared to competitors of equal size. In fact, NY24 offers a cabin below deck with a large storage sofa - convertible if necessary into a double bed - concealed toilet compartment, a very cozy environment to ensure a comfortable stay on board throughout the day and, if desired, also at night. Comfort is also provided by the ample stowage space created inside, the audio-video system equipment and the natural light that floods the cabin, thanks to two long windows carved into the side walls. A central tambour with two smoked glass sliding doors provides extremely comfortable cabin access.

The design phase of the boat was not limited to purely aesthetic aspects, concentrating also on the more technical ones: the "special V" hull with a deadrise of 18.5° and with lateral planing supports, in fact offers great comfort with the boat at berth and at anchor, thanks to the increased surface area at the waterline, a fast entry into planing with a smooth passage over the wave and a safe ride even in rough seas. The remarkable marine qualities of NY24 make it a boat suitable for sailing below the coast but also in the open sea and, thanks to a very shallow draft, it makes it possible to reach bays and inlets with a very shallow seabed.

The standard inboard propulsion provides respectable performance with 38 knots top speed and a comfortable and economical 28 knots cruising speed.

Nothing is left to chance on NY24: the anchor, when at rest, is contained by the flap nose with stainless steel shield, respecting the boat's extremely essential lines, and is operated from the bridge with an electromechanical movement.

NY24 is also trailerable, so the owner has the ability to conveniently move their yacht for vacations to the sea or lake without needing special permits.


Alongside the Deluxe version, the progenitor of the NEREA range, two variants of this model are currently available, the GT and the LIMO:

NY24 GT offers an unmistakable design, a day cruiser perfect for sunbathing and day trips, also suitable as a weekender to spend a weekend aboard. NY24 GT is a fun and racy powerboat, a spider of the sea that offers the rider high performance combined with perfect maneuverability and that pleasant feeling of wind in the hair.

NY24 Limo, the third proposed solution, is particularly aimed at owners looking for tenders of the same stylistic level as their superyacht: a true walkaround that, while retaining the clean, stylish lines of the original model, is without a forward pontoon or cabin; an all-open boat that, thanks to its construction height, kept deliberately low, is perfectly suited for easy entry into the garage of large motoryachts.

Whichever version is preferred, NY24 is a boat devoted to exclusivity, sophistication, harmony of shapes and color alternations, richness of materials and finishes of the highest quality, offering the possibility of extensive customization.

Company Profile

Nerea Yacht is an Italian business founded on the well-established experience, skill, and ingenuity of Dario Messina, with a 20-year high-level nautical and industrial background.

Nerea Yacht is the fruit of passionate research, at the heart of which is a love of the sea, an unbounded passion for Italian style and a desire to produce boats as if they were works of art, a concentration of unparalleled style, class and performance.

Nerea boats are produced in the Nerea Yacht shipyards, near Fano: an area, the Marches, that boasts a nautical supply chain among the most quoted in the world with highly specialized workers, a fertile place therefore for those who, like Messina, have decided to devote themselves to the realization of their dream: to give life to a "boat boutique," a true workshop of the sea where each new boat becomes a unique piece.

Nerea Yacht fully enters the luxury yachting scene, helping to nurture and export Italian creativity and ingenuity around the world.

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