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After the great success of the Deluxe version, the Marche-based shipyard expands the NY24 range with the Limo version, a true walkaround, which retains the clean, stylish lines of the original model.

Nerea Yacht announces its participation in the Genoa International Boat Show with the brand new NY 24 Limo, a stylish luxury tender, and with the flagship NY40, the 40-footer from the shipyard in the Marche region that, since its launch, has been able to stand out for its elegant lines, sporty performance and very high level of customization. Nerea Yacht, the workshop of the sea founded by Dario Messina, with the new NY24 Limo, continues on its path of growth and range expansion. The passionate research driven by the love for the sea, the boundless passion for Italian style, the desire to produce boats as if they were works of art, typical of the shipyard's DNA, find their most evident application in these 2 models.

NY 24 Limo

An elegant 7.35-meter-long pearl intended to be the ideal support boat for megayachts. Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of IDEAEITALIA also sign this version of the NY24: moved by the same passion that characterizes the shipyard, they contribute to the realization of a tender with a modern design and small dimensions: white, elegant and clean hull, a "V" shaped hull with a deadrise of 18.5°, able to offer a smooth passage over the wave and a safe ride even in rough seas. In fact, the remarkable marine qualities of this boat make it perfect to navigation below the coast but also in open sea and, thanks to a very shallow draft, it allows to reach bays and inlets with very shallow water. In addition, NY24 Limo features a hydraulic steering system that allows for precise, smooth steering that requires less maintenance. The comfortable three-tiered structured transom platform makes it very easy to get on and off the dock, while, the transom hatch with its electric opening allows engine room inspection with ease. The owner of the model present in Genoa chose to install a BIMINI TOP on board: a perfect protection while sailing that makes the sailing experience pleasant and relaxing without sacrificing the smooth and sporty profile line of NY24 Limo. Like the previous versions of NY24, this model is therefore devoted to exclusivity, to the harmony of shapes and color alternations, to the refinement of materials and finishes of the highest quality. This concept is mixed with the desire to offer a wide selection that allows for a high degree of customization following the customer's needs and tastes. Among the owner's chosen materials we see the use of synthetic teak as a replacement for the more commonly used natural teak. A bold and long-term choice given that this material, in addition to responding positively to today's environmental requirements, requires less maintenance and care, being less sensitive to weathering and wear and tear over time. Providing synthetic teak among the various options, confirms Nerea Yacht's desire to offer onboard solutions that meet the needs of those who are not only attentive to quality and design, but also to the choice of materials that have little or no environmental impact. The inboard propulsion present on board is a Yanmar HP 250Z engine capable of achieving performance of 35 knots as maximum speed and 26 knots cruising. Nerea Yacht thus continues its history made of determination, competence and creativity by offering the market a model in line with the family feeling, representing a new generation of boats where aesthetic and functional harmony become the perfect combination.

NY 40

Conceived and born thanks to a harmonious teamwork of designers, master craftsmen and specialized technicians, NY40 perfectly embodies the DNA of Nerea Yacht and the nautical idea of its founder Dario Messina . The new NY40 model, which will be on display at the Genoa International Boat Show in a version with a decidedly sporty character, is an open yacht that is characterized by the perfect balance of its forms, which, harmonized by a play of light and shadow, guarantee it a timeless beauty, inspired by the lines and proportions typical of classical art. The neatness of its stylistic features also makes the vessel widely customizable, and, like a tailor-made suit, each unit can be tailored to the desires and needs of each owner. Customization, in terms of layout, materials and finishes, which is supported by Nerea Yacht's collaboration with designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardin of the IDEAEITALIA studio.

The sporty and dynamic soul finds its maximum expression in the external lines and navigation, thanks to the "V" shaped hull, designed by Zuccheri Yacht Design, which makes it extremely performant and comfortable. On the deck, personalized by a charming teak arranged in a herringbone pattern, the view is immediately conquered by the presence of the large aft sundeck, made with an original perimeter structure in tubular steel covered with a woven design yarn, seamless, highly resistant and sustainable, because it is obtained from recycled plastic. The sundeck, in addition to featuring an adjustable backrest, serves as a garage: equipped with a functional electric opening, it allows for easy storage of a small 2-meter inflatable tender or several water toys. Below the aft hangar is the engine room, which can be accessed either from this area or from the hatch located between the two teak tables arranged further forward. These, complete with telescoping steel drums, can accommodate up to six guests and serve as a base to further expand the sundeck by using the additional cushions of the 3-seat peaked sofa. The dining area consists of a custom kitchen cabinet equipped with a refrigerator, ice-maker, waste compartment, cooktop and sink. The kitchen cabinet also serves as the base for the T-Top structure. The bow, reached by convenient side passages, has a sleek and elegant profile and, when at anchor, can be used as a relaxation space.

Below deck are the forward cabin and a spacious dinette, full of compartments for storing personal belongings. The latter features a C-shaped sofa along the entire broadside with a coffee table in the center that can be lowered, making it the base for storing extra cushions and transforming the area into a sleeping area. The aft cabin, on the other hand, features two spacious and comfortable single beds that, when opened to their fullest extent, convert into a single king-size bed. An overall length of 12.19 meters and a beam of 4 meters give NY40 great livability and allow it to accommodate 10 to 12 people. Finally, inboard-outboard motorization, so with stern foot, with two Yanmar 8LV370Z engines, allow this version of NY40 to cruise at a cruising speed of 25 knots and reach a maximum of 38 knots. Finally, it should be pointed out that NY40 with an overall length of 12.20 meters is offered for the Italian market in the 9.99-meter boat version. Thus, all the comfort, elegance and space of a 40-footer translate into the simplicity of buying a boat that does not require registration and, in addition, a very attractive solution for the charter world as well given the truly facilitated management.