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The tailor of the sea

Early 2000s: Dario is in his early 20s and has an enterprising spirit; from the province of Trapani he reaches the Marche region thanks to some friendships that introduce him to the boating world.

In 2003 he started as a collaborator at prestigious shipyards in the area (Dominator, Cayman, Pershing - Ferretti Group), worked hard for a few years, gaining, day after day, a great deal of experience in the various areas of shipbuilding (carpentry, roofing, resin coating, electromechanics...).

In early 2008, on the strength of his experience and eager to express his potential, he decided to offer himself as a labor supplier for the outfitting of Pershing yachts, specializing in the area of roofing. He obtains his first contract for the workmanship of a yacht line, securing the trust of the shipyard, which gradually entrusts him with more and more work. He becomes an entrepreneur.

Dario Messina Nerea Yacht

"Life is a work of art and what you see depends on your perspective."

Rosemarie Osmun

Meanwhile, Besenzoni, a leading industrial reality in the design and construction of technological products for pleasure boating, entrusts him with service work for its customers, and Dario earns the trust of all those who come into contact with him.
The economic crisis that began precisely in 2008 - the year Dario founded his small business, now ArgoMarine - hit the nautical sector hard, but Dario did not give up and focused on service work, especially for Ferretti Group and Besenzoni customers.

In 2010 there is a slow but gradual economic recovery, consequently shipbuilding production resumes. Dario obtains new contracts, among them the construction of Custom Lines built in La Spezia.
2010 is a fundamental year for Dario also from the family point of view, in fact he marries Giulia from whom he will then have 3 beautiful daughters: Chiara, Mia and Mariasole.

Dario Messina Nerea Yacht

Thanks to its capabilities, the company grows and gains more and more trust from the Ferretti Group, for which it becomes a strategic partner and involved in the construction of numerous lines of the various brands (Custom Line, Riva, Pershing) on both the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic.

These last 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur are an indispensable baggage for Dario who - despite his young age - has the strength and will to pursue ambitious projects, express all of himself in what he makes. Dario decides to create a "tailor-made" boat, a representation of himself through an object that arouses emotions, with a fascinating, technological, innovative and high quality soul: thus, with the new brand NEREA YACHT, the day cruiser NY24 was born.

Passion and creativity distinguish the design of NY24. Craftsmanship, careful selection of materials and Italian excellence make it a unique and inimitable product.

Dario Messina